Image compliance and why it’s important

A digital asset management system needs to do much more than just store your digital assets – it needs to help you manage them. And that means, manage talent, copyright and usage rights. Here are some of they ways a DAM can help you manage image compliance.  

1.  Capture usage rights as Metadata

When you upload a file – either by itself or in bulk, automatically, the usage rights information in the metadata is applied to our custom fields. Specifically your DAM should extract the author of the file, comments and copyright information. You can also specify your own details. This usage metadata gets tied to the file, so you have instant access to this information.

2.  Review dates on Digital Assets with automated reminders

The best way to keep track of when an image or usage right is due to renew is to assign a review date when uploading the file. When you do this, you will get an email alert when the image is due to expire, a very obvious red flag will appear next to the file itself, and you can also run custom search reports for a specific timeframe as to when an image is due to renew.

3.  Linking several images to a single talent consent form

Having instant access to consent forms when using talent in creative campaigns is crucial, but without a Digital Asset Management platform – it’s difficult to manage. As with many digital asset management systems, you can literally create a link a talent release form to several images, which ensures there is a digital relationship between both files – and people don’t use files they aren’t supposed to.